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a smearing of galaxies

published: 12-31-2019


my dream is to take you out for long days in the city
in little dessert shops we can be found hiding
curled up in the corner under a blanket, legs intertwined
how cursed that it's my passions I can barely define

wasting light in the evenings in the hot tub of someone
slipping into each other's curves in the center of the sun
as all the other stars in the galaxy fall into place around us
please, my love, teach me the meaning of lust

curtains close, sun sets, trapped in a frost giant's heart
taunting shadows of futures that rip us apart
I ask you to promise me tomorrow; you shake your head and refuse
for who knows if tomorrow's the next thing that we'll lose

my hands clench the steering wheel as your breath slowly weakens
half-frozen exhales like deep-shining beacons
past is immutable, changing nevermore
but I am the worst keeper of my very own lore