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Berke Broke

published: 12-30-2019


she wraps her arms of smoke around me once again
a hellion from beyond the stars I was once misled
to believe were within my grasps, just barely brushed past my fingertips
and fell back to the golden cage's clutches, key in iron fist

they paint my fetters gold
and tell me I should be thankful for the wealth
but must I be as the kings who rapidly grow old
and realise riches are no substitute for health?

a burning sense of rage
an accursed affinity for the dark
delirious desire to fly with the wind
and find elsewhere to leave a mark

whether next I'll see the sunrise:
who can truly say?
not a damn soul taught me how to heal,
just sent me on my way

she gazes at me with her eyes of onyx once again
blackened iris, hole to hell that ever I yearn to tread
to map the frontiers of space and time and tremble, never wise
to profane myself to gods and regain my ego's former size

my ancestors escaped corsets ever binding
but the golden cage perforates my organs all the same, I'm finding
vivisection: take my brain, tear all I am apart
at least the wolves would dignify me as they consumed my pumping heart