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published: 8-21-2019


how does a god die?

it doesn't happen one day
but it happens all at once
like a volcano overflowing, red hot
onto the unsuspecting people below

how does a god die?

your bones grow heavy
and more than usual you sigh
skin grows scaly
and it hurts to cry

how does a god die?

your fields grow barren
and your mind clouds with fog
and you sleep all day.

simple as that, they say
until one day you shift
and you never



it's not that bad at first.
at least, that's what the scalies say.
who wouldn't want to be a dragon all day?

who wouldn't want to be a pet?

it's all fun and games
until you lose your cognitive ability.
your memories
and your dreams
and your wants.
just left with needs

a simple man, indeed.
but mother would have never wanted this.

how does a god die?

they live for too long
and then they degenerate
and we watch the spark of ego flicker out in their eyes
and then we put them in the stable

and poor baby only knows father as
a lizard that slinks on the ground