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The Golden Cage

published: 10-9-2019


emboldened by sadness
embittered by those
who would meet you with winter
you bite the thorns with the rose

a bloody mess on the tile
from mother's womb, freshly torn
struggle to breath the poison air
in which you were born

the golden cage shudders
the door swings wide open

but you don't move.

you sit there and stare.

you tricked yourself into believing
that it was your time to die
and when the sun showed its head, you found out
you'd lost the will to survive

a tyrant in the home
and a sorcerer in the garden
conspire to make their kid a doll
to watch as her once lithe limbs harden

a dislocated jaw
that only speaks when given scripts
and a spine that's nothing but
that collapses come a kick

the needles come to play again
you've already convinced yourself
it was just a matter of when

and they pin you up
like the christ they adore

and the red flows like syrup