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published: 1-8-2020


I still remember the very first time I met you
back when the world was brand new

life was rough, but our bodies soared up to the stars
and at end of day, sank intertwined into the tar

but now my body is miniscule compared to those days,
and my skin can no longer take the chills
come each winter, no longer an option to hide in morning's haze
and watch the humans shout in glee as they sled down the hills

so you and I convene in hell instead,
and we waltz to the sound of fierce enemys' command
and my stomach lurches, thrust into your arms in dread
and you catch me, hold me close, take my burning hand

and you say, if, to live, you have to be numb,
that you'd rather know the pain,
and you entreat me to flee from the golden cage

but winter drags its heels behind me,
and I am not yet as gone as Kira
to think I could wander into the winter,
dying numb in search of life