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school-mandated poetry: day 9 / acer saccharum

published: 8-16-2019


sugar maple trees
most abundant in this biome
you extend your arms in a wide embrace
and welcome me back home

a lonely child playing under the treetops
swinging to the stars
fairies birthed and died and parents enraged
never very far

you bleed out sugar, shiny glaze
but even with the sap tap pumps
sweetness never stays

a giving tree with leaves of green
and red and yellow too
I sit on the stump where you used to stand
and remember when the skies were blue

your friends were sick and also dying
and you also caught some disease
or maybe your thirty-five meter average height threatened us:
all the same, we took your leaves

please forgive me, saccharum of the Acers
you Anglosperms and Eudicots and Sapindaceae
I don't know what to make of you, now that I'm gone
perhaps, in a better life, some other day